The Department of Research & Statistics publishes statistical information about various Iraqi economic activities. This information is provided to researchers and economists for analysis and economic studies for the formulation of national monetary and fiscal policy. All this based on the quarterly bulletins and the annual reports which the Central Bank of Iraq issues. However, the negative conditions that the country experienced and the harsh constraints on publishing any information that were imposed by the previous regime caused the Central Bank to halt its publications, thereby reducing its statistical and research activities

At present with the end of these circumstances and with the desire of the Central Bank to have full transparency, the environment has become conducive for conducting research and publishing relevant information in a timely manner.

On this occasion, the Department of Research & Statistics is pleased to publish this Special Issue of the Statistical Bulletin of the Central Bank of Iraq providing information available for the period of 1991 through June 2003.  This is the starting point for a regular publication of the Quarterly Bulletin and the Annual Report of the economy of the new Iraq.